Alexandra Cicorschi

Alexandra Cicorschi is a woodworker artist based in San Francisco, California. She studied at the Bucharest National University of Arts in Romania and holds an MFA from the Bauhaus University in Germany. Her passion for woodworking developed after she moved to California in 2011 and started experimenting with locally sourced materials. Her current medium is largely based on the practice of salvaging and repurposing discarded old growth wood.


Originally from Romania where she lived through the end of the communist era, her work is a reflection on the rapid transition she has witnessed in her lifespan, between a mentality shaped by scarcity to one of abundance. Creative reuse fueled by limited resources was one of the most valuable teachings of her childhood and an inspiration to her.


Using materials that surround us in our day to day life, Alexandra creates something new out of something old. As the number and variety of household items increases, so does the amount of waste and our disconnect from nature. In finding, stripping, and re-milling salvaged wood, she brings forward the intrinsic value of objects and their ability to transform. Her abstract compositions are inspired by personal memories as well as influenced by the history of her found materials.


Alexandra has participated in solo and group exhibitions around the San Francisco Bay Area, Mexico City, Berlin, Weimar and Bucharest. She was interviewed by the French magazine Merci SF as well as Vogue Korea and multiple online publications.